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Forest Survey Form


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  1. The survey form above is for folks to download and/or print and use for helping protect forests throughout the western region of the US. In Eastern and Central Oregon check out the “Oregon Eastside Public Lands Projects of Concern” for a list of regional logging and other projects as of January 1, 2011. Contact us at either winddancer.ki@gmail.com or asanteriverwind@gmail.com for additional information on these. As well, contact the League Of Wilderness Defenders – Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project (541.385.9167), Cascadia Wildlands (541.434.1463) and/or Hells Canyon Preservation Council (541.963.3950) for additional information and updates. Please either scan and e-mail completed forms or postal mail these to Gaia Ki, P.O. Box 22233, Sarasota, Florida 34276. We will forward these to the appropriate organizations working in the area(s) surveyed. Thank you! For the Wild! Asante Riverwind, Conservation & Arts Director, Gaia Ki

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