"In balance with the life force of this living Earth"


Gaia Ki

 P. O. Box 971, Clyde, North Carolina 28721



in balance with the life force of this living Earth

Helping return to balance & harmony with
the ki flow of energy of the living Earth
through education, advocacy, and empowerment.

We are living in an era of increasing global climate disruption commonly known as “Global Warming.” Human societies’ alterations to Earth’s diverse interwoven natural ecosystems have upset nature’s balance, with many of Earth’s biodiverse species, from micro to macro-fauna, from phytoplankton to polar bears, imperiled. Wherever we are on this living Earth, working together to protect and restore the natural ecosystems of our home region, while reducing our personal and societal impacts, can help begin to restore nature’s balance, ensuring a living Earth for the generations yet to come.

Gaia Ki is now located in the Smoky Mountains region of North Carolina, after over a year on the gulf coast of south central Florida. Gaia Ki efforts have evolved to focus more on the creative arts, while continuing to offer a wealth of resources and experience to those helping address national and global ecological  issues, endeavoring to protect remaining wildlands, native biodiversity, and inextricably interconnected natural ecosystems across this living Earth. Originally founded in July 2010 in the Pacific Northwest, Gaia Ki’s initial focus grew from over 4 decades of direct experience effectively addressing western US ecological issues.

Natural ecosystems are ecological wonderland treasures, helping offset the harms of human caused global climate disruption and fast-paced industrial society’s economic pressures, incessant noise, and stress – providing wildlife habitat and humans refugia, inspiration and adventure in places where nature’s wildlands yet remain untrammeled and free.

Gaia Ki educates, advocates and inspires to ensure the ecological viability of our waters and wildlands, and our reconnection as part of living nature. The heritage of earth’s future and our ability to begin to rectify the harmful impacts of global climate change depend on maintaining and restoring earth’s interwoven ecosystems. Bringing human societies into balance with living Earth heralds significant changes that protect and restore the interwoven web of nature; recover imperiled species viability and biodiversity, reconnect with the dances of life itself, and improve the quality of life for all.

Ultimately we must address the root causes of insatiable societal demands. More than “renewable” energy expansion, “sustainable” logging excess, and “green” development; we need ecologically harmonious human societies in balance with Earth’s interwoven web of life. Making conscious choices in consumption, development, and ultimately population; converting to ecologically appropriate energy efficient structures, building materials, life styles, and resource use; and responsibly protecting and restoring our waters, forests, and natural ecosystems; we can best assure an ecologically viable future for those here today and the generations yet to come. Wherever one is on this living Earth, we can join in these efforts, caring for our region’s environment, increasing global community awareness, celebrating & advocating through arts and inspired action.

Though the wiles and pressures of politics, finance, and popular perception beguile and entice – it is naught but the integrity of Nature, of the ecosystems of this living Earth, that must guide, inspire, and attest of our efforts.


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